Monday, February 16, 2009

Morning Walk

We've been fortunate and had a couple weeks of nice weather. Javier had us join him for a long walk one morning up by the governor's mansion.
It was so nice we did it again the next weekend with even more friends and a dog.

It was a little muddy but we soldiered through and came out in a field where we shuffled our feet through the dry grass to somewhat clean our shoes. I sat down and used a twig to clean mine. I thought about the days when muddy shoes didn't bother me. Days after a good rain when my friend Amy and I would walk up to Esplanade Street by the Missouri River and find our favorite swing set. There were big "valleys" under each swing that would fill up with water. We'd take off our shoes and swing, letting our toes dip in the muddy water. I'm pretty sure we'd do that for hours.

It's getting cold and dreary again. I'm trying to walk on the treadmill, but I'd much rather be outside.

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