Friday, March 27, 2009


I spoke too soon. Spring is on hold for now. Maybe I'll get some good snow pictures this weekend.


Monday, March 23, 2009


Spring is here! We have a couple of sweet crocuses that popped up last week. I planted lots of bulbs last October. The daffodils barely popped up but I heard they may not make a full appearance till next year, and the tulips are on their way.

We've been threatened with a thunderstorm and I don't think we will get the full brunt of it. But we've got lots of wind and rain and big, beautiful clouds. This picture was taken from the parking lot at Home Depot where we had to special order a freaking toilet seat. Seriously. It started raining soon after. And we need rain...for the tulips.

I need to make a Houston post but that will be a nice, long one with lots of pictures, so no time now. And John wants the laptop to set up our new webcam so we can talk to Javier.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

oh dear...

We came home from a wonderful, short trip to Houston and received some sad news. Our friend Javier is waiting for his green card application to be approved and apparently there is a long delay. The company he works for put in a request for a tourist visa--this would allow him to stay a little longer and wrap things up---but this was denied. So he is leaving for Costa Rica this weekend. We knew he'd have to leave soon to wait for news of his green card, but we thought we had a little more time.

I know everything will work out in the end...I know it will. Javier will be back soon. We will take him to the airport on Saturday, but I know we'll be picking him up soon. In a limo, with lots of music and laughter and champagne. John and Javier will drink Johnnie Walker Blue Label and all will be right with the world.

Now is the time for pictures of Javier...

Friday, March 6, 2009

Little of this, little of that

I am having that feeling again. The one where the idea of cooking makes me sick and I can't even imagine going to the grocery store. Seriously, the idea of buying food, cooking it and eating it makes me nauseous. But I'm still's just take-out. I have an idea where this feeling originates, so I need to deal with it...

The sun is shining and it is beautiful out. I'm not sure how long it will stay this way. I am getting the urge to spring clean and think I'll start this weekend. We are going to Houston next weekend and it's nice to come home to a clean house.
And part of me needs a fresh start, a new way to approach something...I think coming home after Houston will give me a starting point. I'm not sure if this even makes sense...

I'm looking forward to this spring and this summer. There are no big plans and I am trying not to build up high expectations. I want it to flow, I want a natural rhythm, I want lazy days at the lake and Saturday mornings at the farmer's market and there I go with the expectations...

My birthday is in the spring and I've always liked that, it's a wonderful time to have a birthday. I like it when it's near Easter, this year it's the day before. If I live to be 104, my birthday would have been on Easter Sunday a total of 5 times.
I've never beenreally fond of making a big to-do over my birthday. I like it to be a little secret, a quiet feeling inside. And I don't need a lot of people with me, a very small gathering will do...