Friday, May 28, 2010


We went to Kansas City last weekend to hang out with John's brother Tim and his wife Jennifer. We had tickets to see Martin Sexton in concert at Crosstown Station. I've been listening to Martin Sexton since my days at KSYM 90.1 in San Antonio. My station manager and friend, John O'Rourke, handed me a cd and told me it would be good for my folk show. It was and I fell in love with the sound. I've heard for years that he is fantastic live. And I think he tours often. But in all this time, I've never seen him perform. It's been a mix of timing and timidity. I think when you've got a short list of people you just have to see don't want to be disappointed.
In no way was I disappointed. This was easily one of the best concerts I have ever been to.

We started off the night with a few drinks on Tim & Jennifer's patio. Then moved downtown for some beer & apps. When we headed to Crosstown Station, we found out the concert was sold out. And apparently, Martin got off his bus and gave the fans looking for tickets an impromptu concert. None of us had been to Crosstown Station and it's a great bar for live music. We got pretty close to the stage and settled in for some music. He has an amazing voice and blew us away from the start. When he went into "Helter Skelter", I lost it. We all just had the best time. I can't wait to see him again.

Friday, May 14, 2010


Yes, it is me. I'm still alive and well.

I just gave up blogging. I felt self-induced pressure to post and thought my little goings on weren't interesting enough. And really, wonderful things went on in the months and months since I last posted. We went to Vegas in November with our friends Corrie & Chad. We had much fun in the house with our roommate and friend Javier. Christmas was joyous and we had my family over all day for food, gifts, naps, etc.

But it was winter and I don't function well in winter, particularly this long, cold winter. And I began to wonder what the purpose of this blogging was. What did I want to say, to share? We have no children to post cute & adorable pictures of, and yes, that is a little "poor me". We have a full life filled with friends & family. And so many things to be grateful for.

So all of this to say...I'm not sure what the future holds for this particular blog. I enjoy writing a bit and I would like to share pictures and use this as a scrapbook of sorts. And honestly, I may turn this into a little self-improvement blog, hold myself accountable. There are so many things I'd like to do for me. Most importantly, I want to be healthy & active and take care of myself. Then there are little things like meditation, learning Spanish, improving my photography skills, becoming more organized. Things like that. And then I'm not so sure I want to share that stuff with you people.

It is May. There's a bright, big, beautiful world out there. Let's make the most of it.