Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Last week was lousy and no good. And we were sickly. But it ended well. And we were happy.

A trip to Macy's to buy the pot I've wanted for a while now. Then dinner with friends and we didn't mind the wait for a table, we sat outside and caught up and told stories. Off to Javier's to teach Brenda how to play Texas Hold 'Em. John and I stopped at Wal-Mart to buy poker chips and I suggested we get deodorant and razor blades because everything really is cheaper at the evil Wal-Mart. We were full and giddy, laughing at our odd assortment of goods. "Poker makes us sweaty", we told ourselves and boy, we thought we were hilarious.

On Saturday, we were invited to a pancake breakfast at Robin and Scott's. Robin is from Liberal, where they race on Pancake Day against Olney, England.

She fed us and several more people. They were delicious and we'll be back next year. Robin said we'll wear aprons and race in the backyard.

Sunday came and it was time to use the new pot! I made vegetable beef stew. Brenda and Javier came over and we looked through cds, adding music to our various mp3 players. Then we ate and drank and ate some more. We watched the Oscars and I found the bottle of white port we'd opened in December. John and Javier wrote down our votes and if your picks didn't win, you had to do ten jumping jacks. It was the most fun I've had watching the Oscars, I think, ever.

Just a good end to a lousy week. The kind of weekend where you fall asleep happy, not really minding that tomorrow is Monday.

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