Saturday, February 28, 2009

My little brother

I love my brother. My one and only brother. After all these years, we are in the same town and are very good friends. Greg lived in New Orleans for quite a while and left the day after the levees broke in 2005. After a couple of starts in new places, I hope he is here to stay in Kansas.
Greg shares my love of movies and certain sitcoms like Andy Griffith and Seinfeld. He'll deny it, but his memory is better than mine and once we get started with quotes and reenactments...we'll laugh so much our mother has to tell us to stop being silly...and we'll laugh even more. I love that he's inherited our father's gift of storytelling and that we share some of the same wonderful memories of our childhood. He is witty and charming, knows more about sports than anyone I know and is an excellent golfer.

We went out to dinner Friday night with Greg and his girlfriend, our mother and our friend Javier. Dad is in Houston with his brother visiting old friends.
After dinner, we came back to our house for drinks and a game of Trivial Pursuit. It was a close game and so much fun!

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  1. Love your sweet blog!
    I wish I had a brother :(
    Yours sounds like a true friend!

    Thanks for coming to visit LMLD -- see you soon!