Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Small goals

We usually spend vacations someplace other than home. The university is closed and John has the whole week off. And I had vacation time to use, so here we are. I usually start vacations with goals...places to visit, books to read, souvenirs to look for. I need to set some small goals for this week or I'll feel like it's time wasted. Go to the grocery store, clean our bedroom, get some crochet done. And find a chocolate fondue recipe to use on NYE. My mother-in-law gave me a small cookbook from the late '60s, "It's Fun to Fondue". The focus is primarily on cheese but there are three dessert fondues, followed by other dessert recipes. Check this one out.

Fruit Garnish A La Suisse
seasonal fruits (bananas, pineapple, peaches, pears)
chopped almonds

Cube or dice fruits and combine. Season both for color and taste with ketchup. Garnish with almonds. Chill and serve.

Ketchup?!? I'm having a hard time imagining this one. I think I'll pass.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Snowy Saturday

Christmas is over and it was wonderful. We spent Christmas Eve and the next morning with my family. And the afternoon and evening with John's family.

It snowed today and we spent all day in the family room, watching tv and napping. A friend came over for dinner and I threw together some salmon, spicy sweet potatoes and green beans. John used his new wine chiller and that got the ball rolling. I am realizing that we are almost through all the wine we bought in California in 2007. We watched a movie, Before the Devil Knows You're Dead. It was really good. Philip Seymour Hoffman is an incredible actor.

We have a party to go to tomorrow. I'm having a little bit of social anxiety and don't feel up to going. But we are planning on it. And we both are off all next week. I hope it lives up to my expectations!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008


It's "coming on Christmas" and I am feeling joyful, melancholy, teary and reflective all at once.
"CC is a deeply feeling person. She feels things. Deeply."
So I was thinking today that this would be a good way to get out all of the thoughts that pester me as I try to fall asleep. And while I do love pen and paper, I think I'll try this instead.

Spring bound. In one of my favorite songs, Dar Williams writes...

And it felt like a winter machine
That you go through and then
You catch your breath and winter starts again
And everyone else is spring bound

I want to be Spring bound. I want to be hopeful and feel that Spring has sprung. Open the windows and watch things grow.
So let's see how this goes...