Monday, March 23, 2009


Spring is here! We have a couple of sweet crocuses that popped up last week. I planted lots of bulbs last October. The daffodils barely popped up but I heard they may not make a full appearance till next year, and the tulips are on their way.

We've been threatened with a thunderstorm and I don't think we will get the full brunt of it. But we've got lots of wind and rain and big, beautiful clouds. This picture was taken from the parking lot at Home Depot where we had to special order a freaking toilet seat. Seriously. It started raining soon after. And we need rain...for the tulips.

I need to make a Houston post but that will be a nice, long one with lots of pictures, so no time now. And John wants the laptop to set up our new webcam so we can talk to Javier.

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