Thursday, March 19, 2009

oh dear...

We came home from a wonderful, short trip to Houston and received some sad news. Our friend Javier is waiting for his green card application to be approved and apparently there is a long delay. The company he works for put in a request for a tourist visa--this would allow him to stay a little longer and wrap things up---but this was denied. So he is leaving for Costa Rica this weekend. We knew he'd have to leave soon to wait for news of his green card, but we thought we had a little more time.

I know everything will work out in the end...I know it will. Javier will be back soon. We will take him to the airport on Saturday, but I know we'll be picking him up soon. In a limo, with lots of music and laughter and champagne. John and Javier will drink Johnnie Walker Blue Label and all will be right with the world.

Now is the time for pictures of Javier...

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