Sunday, June 14, 2009


This weekend John played in his first tournament at the club. He invited his older brother Tim to play as his guest. I adore Tim and his wife Jennifer and was very nervous to have them as our houseguests for the weekend. We did a lot of work, a lot of buying of new sheets & towels, framing artwork, cleaning baseboards, etc. And we really needn't have done all that, as we were all much too tipsy to have noticed. (I kid, they were very sweet and appreciated all we'd done) But tipsy we were. Loopy, silly, straight up drunk.

The weather was perfect for golfing and the guys had a blast. We stayed up late Thursday night, drinking wine & listening to music. On Friday night, my folks, Uncle Robert, Greg & his girlfriend Kerri joined us for party food and cocktails. We ended the party on the front porch around 3am...too much fun. I wasn't sure if John would feel up to another round of golf! Jennifer and I slept in and spent the rest of the day reading magazines and napping.

The tournament ended with dinner & dancing on Saturday night. I haven't dressed up in a little while so I had fun with white slacks, a sparkly top, gold heels and fake hair. I love fake hair and I'm taking that thing with me to Vegas in the fall!

We said goodbye to our guests this morning and have spent the day recuperating. I am sooo not ready to go to work tomorrow.

There are some pictures somewhere...if they surface, I'll add them later.

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