Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Hello Jerry

So, I've been recording old movies on TCM and the like. Rope with Jimmy Stewart, My Sister Eileen with Jack Lemmon, Woman's World with June Allyson, Bells are Ringing with Judy Holliday & Dean Martin...
It was while I was watching Bells are Ringing that I had to stop it, rewind and watch this particular scene a couple of times...Judy Holliday is convincing Dean that people are truly friendly. She proves her point by saying hello to a very grumpy looking man who is thrilled that someone said hello to him. He in turn says hello to another fellow who says, enthusiastically, "Hello!" and introduces himself as Charlie Bessemer. Charlie Bessemer looks awfully familiar and I'm sure he is, yes, he is, IMDB confirms's Uncle Leo! Len Lesser who played Uncle Leo on Seinfeld. It's just a tiny part, apparently uncredited, but it was fun to spot.
I was especially tickled because one of Uncle Leo's things was saying hello. "Jerry!! Hello!!"
I immediately had to tell John & Greg about it, as we love all things Seinfeld.

I'm still tickled. I just had to tell you about it too!

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