Wednesday, May 13, 2009

And we're back

And where have I been? Just procrastinating and stalling as usual. I kept telling myself to go blog, but time slipped away. Eventually, so much time passed that I just gave up on the whole idea of blogging. But that's crazy talk!

I'm happiest when I'm decorating or changing something. It's been a while since I've done anything, so I'm thrilled to be working on the guest bedroom and bath. I wish I could go whole hog on the bathroom, but I can't. We can only do what needs to be done---changing the shower fixture, the bathroom faucet, fixing the trim and then cosmetic changes like painting and wall decor.

Back in 2005 or 2006, I fell in love with a shower curtain in the Gump's catalog. It cost more than any shower curtain should ever cost, so I threw the catalog away. I still dreamt of it though, so 6 months later, I went to the Gump's site and found the curtain on clearance! Which of course it would be, because how many people want a crazy Indian themed shower curtain...

So it's been hanging in the guest bath, waiting for walls to be painted and everything to come together. I think I've decided on Polar Sky from Benjamin Moore for the walls. I found an antique map of India that I need to frame. I ordered an elephant print yesterday from Etsy.
We bought new hardware and the handyman is working on replacing some tile and fixing the trim.
I need something else for the walls and am obsessing over it. I've looked at everything on Etsy with India in the description, then I looked at it again. I can't make up my mind...I don't want whatever I choose to compete with the beautiful shower curtain. So now, I am thinking of making something myself. I doodled all day yesterday and now Hobby Lobby is calling my name.

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  1. Good lord, woman!! Where have you been. And yes I agree - a new shower fixture is needed in that bathroom. :-) Can you post a picture of the shower curtain?